Providing a full solution for our client in the automotive sector

  • Automotive
  • 12th August 2020

The Brief

V Installations Mechanical Handling was awarded the manufacture and installation of replacement lighting arches in our client’s paint shop.

Our Approach

The new support steelwork was to enable the installation of new style LED lights for the paint buy-off line. As the new steelwork was to fit inside an existing booth, a comprehensive site survey was carried out to determine the maximum height of the steelwork, the change in deck levels and position of existing services.

Following the survey, a detailed design was produced for client buy-off.

V Installations designed, manufactured and installed:

  • Vertical uprights 120 x 60 x 3.6 RHS with 2off 16mm fixing down holes and 1off 16mm tapped hole for level bolt screw. (Powder Coat Mat Black)
  • Light arch uprights are nominally 1500mm centres with bracers 50 x 50 x 3 SHS bracers every second bay. (Powder Coat Mat Black)
  • Top horizontal lighting section 120 x 60 x 3.6 RHS to required width dimension. (Powder Coat Mat Black)

All the above are bolt together sections to form lighting arches.

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The Results

All steelwork was manufactured in-house and installed within 3 weeks of receiving the order.

The project was carried out on very tight timescales from conception, design and manufacturing through to the commencement of installation.

The installation programme was monitored daily with a high level of co-ordination and planning.


V Installations are experts in providing solutions for mechanical handling projects in the automotive sector, from specialised, purpose-built unit applications, to re-organisation and/or refurbishment of customers’ existing systems.

We can deliver a wide range of automotive mechanical handling solutions such as this one, developing improved, integrated and bespoke solutions to suit individual customer aspirations.

Within the last 5 years, V Installations have implemented a wide range of solutions within the automotive industry, including 2480 powered roller beds, 124 drop section/elevators, 60 shuttles, 320 side transfer systems and much more.

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