Pneumatic Clamp

Pneumatic clamping grippers combine versatility and safety into a compact and powerful package suitable for lifting almost any load

A huge range of off the shelf and standard gripper solutions are available, these are combined to produce a bespoke gripper suiting your exact component and manipulation requirement. Remote activation of clamps is possible, allowing high speed operation with multiple clamping units and operator control positions to be used.

All systems are provided with a bespoke pneumatic control system, this combined with a range of pneumatic sensing devices allows us to customise the functionality to a fine degree – for example manual or automatically triggered clamping, automatic sequencing of the grip / release process, pressure control for sensitive components, interlocks to prevent unsafe release, indicators to confirm current gripper status and more.

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for loads from 5kg to 500kg
  • Wide range of clamp designs
  • Multiple control positions available
  • Remote activation of multiple clamping devices possible
  • Controllable clamp force for delicate components
  • Rapid operation
  • Safety interlocks can be incorporated