Andron design and manufacture a range of standard and bespoke grippers and end of arm tooling for lifting and handling any component, in any industry. All our grippers are designed with innovative features to ensure fast, safe and ergonomic handling.

We have thousands of different grippers in daily operation in the most demanding of environments. All grippers are specified carefully to suit our customers exact lifting and manipulating requirements. We can provide any type of gripper, from simple hooks and chain slings through to bespoke pneumatic or electrical systems with complex sensing, gripping and manipulation requirements.

Grippers can be powered with any combination of manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, magnetic, vacuum or electrical actuators. Our powered grippers are supplied complete with pneumatic or electronic control systems to provide safe, reliable operation.

Hooks, Forks and Cradles

Our bespoke hook, fork and cradle type grippers are a simple and effective solution for lifting parts that need only limited manipulation between the pick…

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Our range of manual, pneumatic or electric switchable grippers is a simple, powerful solution for lifting steel components Magnetic grippers are extremely simple and robust.…

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Manual Clamp

Manually activated grippers require no special power or air supply, and provide simple, rapid and reliable operation. Manual clamping grippers are often a safer, faster…

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Pneumatic Clamp

Pneumatic clamping grippers combine versatility and safety into a compact and powerful package suitable for lifting almost any load A huge range of off the…

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Quick Release

Suitable for a wide range of loads and moments Can be configured with locking mechanisms to prevent unauthorised changeovers Automatic pneumatic, vacuum, hydraulic and electric…

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Slings, Chains and Spreader Beams

We design and manufacture a range of standard and bespoke lifting accessories. From standard hooks and slings through to bespoke multifunctional spreader beams we can…

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Andron vacuum grippers are a robust, high performing and versatile method of securing and manipulating almost any product Ideal for lifting panels, glass, sheet and…

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