Air Balancers

Andron pneumatic balancers allow operators to not only lift but also to ‘float’ the load providing precise, ultralight ergonomic lifting.

Our kits are available for a wide range of standard light crane systems, and come complete with all necessary accessories for easy integration. Standard pneumatic circuits available include a proportional up/down control, or alternatively multi-load balance (float mode) systems for ‘hands on’ control of the load

Balancers are a high preforming replacement for electric hoists and wire rope systems where excellent ergonomic performance, high speed and precise control are required.

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for loads from 5kg to 230kg
  • Lift heights up to 3000mm
  • Increased load capacities available via dual mount balancers or reeved systems
  • A wide range of mounting accessories to suit any light crane system
  • Can be provided with ultralight balance, or proportional up/down controls
  • High lift speeds can be safely achieved
  • Over-speed safety brakes included as standard