Lift Arms

A high performance alternative to traditional hoists and jib cranes, our lift arms are ideal for light to medium duty lifting applications

Our lift arms include single arm systems designed to run in overhead light crane systems, and articulating arms suitable for overhead or floor mounting as a high performance alternative to traditional jib cranes. Our arms are pneumatically operated, allowing high speed operation, a range of lift capacities and reach options, and up to 360° slewing for complete freedom of movement.

The outer pulley is a bespoke swivelling design which self-aligns with the cable at all times to reduce wear and prevent cable jams and damage.

A high quality pneumatic hoist or lift cylinder is integrated into the outer arm. This can be controlled with either proportional up/down controls, or alternatively with a bespoke control circuit providing precise balanced lift – also known as ‘float’ mode.

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for loads from 5kg to 125kg
  • Articulating arms provide ergonomic movement throughout the working area
  • Working lift range up to 2000mm
  • Able to reach into confined spaces, where traditional crane systems and jibs cannot access
  • Reach up to 3500mm
  • 360° Swivelling on both inner and outer arms
  • Fully pneumatic with powered or balanced lifting modes available
  • Can be coupled with a large range of standard accessories