Andron mast assistors feature simple operation, robust design, high lift ranges, a wide range of load capacities and ergonomic linear movement.

Mast assistors have a high lift range, large SWL and large torque capacity. They provide a stable platform for the manipulation of components with offset centres of gravity, or in locations where overhead obstructions prevent traditional wire rope or chain hoists from being used. Mast assistors are used on a wide range of requirements across all industries, and can be supplied with bespoke grippers and pneumatic or electronic control circuits to suit any application.

Our mast assistors have been supplied for applications ranging from automotive assembly lines to loading parts into forming presses at over 900°C, and lift weights ranging from 5kg to 500kg

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for loads from 5kg to 500kg
  • Working lift range up to 2000mm
  • Reach up to 3500mm
  • Ability to lift and manipulate offset loads
  • Suitable for areas with limited headroom
  • Able to provide a wide area coverage
  • Suitable for mounting on many types of light and heavy crane systems
  • Fully pneumatic with powered or balanced lifting modes available
  • Electronic versions available
  • Can be coupled with a large range of standard accessories
  • SWL, reach and lift height range can be customised by our engineering team to suit bespoke requirements
  • Robust, well proven solution in wide use in the automotive, aerospace and general manufacturing industries