Tool Balancers

We manufacture a range of standard and bespoke torque reaction arms, tool balancers and accessories

With a standard modular tool clamp our torque reaction system can be used in any orientation. Rotation stops are mounted internally to ensure a safe system with no finger trap points.

Tool clamps can be mounted on a range of different support arm designs, including fixed overhead, overhead crane mounted, and floor mounting. Our arms are provided with a pneumatic balance system to provide excellent ergonomic performance with fingertip control.

A range of accessories is available including pull-down mounts for control units, spring balancers, air hoists and light crane systems.

Bespoke systems can be supplied integrated with our grippers, or as a standalone special purpose machine for automatic securing of components during product assembly.

Features & Benefits

  • Modular tool holder & gimbal system
  • Suitable for torques up to 1000Nm
  • Articulating arms provide ergonomic movement throughout the working area
  • Fully configurable lift range to suit any application
  • Reach up to 3500mm
  • Pneumatic and spring type balance options
  • Powered or balanced lifting modes available
  • Can be coupled with a large range of standard accessories
  • Bespoke systems for manipulator mounting or automated operation