Lifting Systems from LEANTECHNIK

What can it do for you?

Every application has it’s special characteristics. With LEANTECHNIK, you don’t just get any standard Gear Rack Drive. Instead you profit from an innovative building block system. Our engineers are standing by to provide you support to assemble your handling system with suitable components.

Modular, Powerful, Robust:

Our gear rack drives are HIGHLY VERSATILE

Whether in automation, machine and assembly construction or in automobile production: Our handling systems are used in numerous industries in which movement, performance and strength have to be integrated. We develop individual solutions within the realm of lifting techniques for various applications:
From positioning of automobile chassis in production lines to packaging systems for the food industry.

A Moving Partnership

LEANTECHNIK is a reliable and innovative supplier of linear gear rack lift drives for automation systems and we are proud we have been chosen as the preferred sales partner/agency for UK & Ireland.

What drives us is meeting the challenge of bringing our customers a consistently high standard of precision, speed and reliability, all while guaranteeing the user the utmost flexibility.

Our gear rack lift drives have countless applications: They can be used anywhere that motion needs to be implemented efficiently. The only limit is your imagination.

In addition to producing and distributing gear rack lift drives of the lifgo® and lean SL® series, we also design and manufacture partial and complete functional systems under the name leantranspo®.

Our products come into play in every industry where precise and synchronized positioning tasks need solving – whether it’s transportation technology, mechanical engineering and construction or the food and chemical industry.

But in the automotive industry in particular, LEANTECHNIK has amassed a great deal of know-how over the years, working with reputable manufacturers and suppliers. With all the possible combinations of lifgo® and lean SL® we’ll find a custom-tailored solution for your application, too. We strive to make your ideas a reality.