TL-Systems AG are the owners of the trademark “Translift” and hold all the design information and know-how promoted by the former UK company Digitron Translift Ltd, specifically in relation to their Electric Monorail System products.

Translift Monorail System

By agreeing to the new Licence Agreement, V Installations now have been granted exclusive permission to represent Translift Monorail Systems in the UK and Ireland markets. This agreement enables V Installations Ltd to market & sell Translift equipment into these markets (new equipment & spares), as well as granting us the unique right to modify or extend any existing Digitron Translift Monorail systems that are still in operation during the licence period.

Automotive Monorail Solutions

We have on a number of occasions, successfully integrated Translift Monorail Equipment within other systems, where similar Monorail Technology has been integrated.