Devising a bespoke solution for NMUK in Sunderland

  • Automotive
  • 15th July 2024

The Brief

At the NMUK flagship manufacturing facility at Sunderland, V Installations were requested at short notice to raise the height, extend, and reroute the Camshaft delivery conveyor in the very busy engine manufacture plant.

NMUK Sunderland is one of the biggest car-manufacturing plants in the UK, and has two production lines, with the Nissan Qashqai and all-electric LEAF made on Line 1, which runs around the clock on a three-shift work pattern.

Our Approach

The existing conveyor was a twin lane, flow and return “slat band” conveyor the design of which needed to be copied exactly, and have its “offload” position relocated to a position some 6.8 metres from the previous position.

The delivery system transported plastic pallets loaded with the correct camshaft assembly to the off-load area where the operator removed the camshaft assembly and placed the empty pallet onto the empty pallet return line for the operator at the load end of the conveyor.

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The Results

The system, which operates 24 hours per day 5/6 days per week, was successfully designed and manufactured in just 8 weeks.

The system was then installed and commissioned in just the first week of the NMUK annual shutdown.


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