Let the Cobot take the strain

  • Manufacturing
  • 15th July 2024

The Brief

This project was for a 2nd tier automotive supplier. They required the picking up of raw  drive shafts and moving the product through a face and centering machine via an accumulator table once they have been put there by a magnetic loader.  After completion from the face and centering machine they are fed onto to powered slat band conveyor via a robot , the parts require to be datum’d and a detection system is in place to check they are in correct orientation .

Standard industrial robot then grips the parts ensuring the correct orientation via a vision system .

Once the rollers have been splined it then moves them onto the 2nd 24” rack roller.

Our Approach

Our solution was to incorporate an automated slat conveyor for delivery of the parts with a COBOT to assist in loading parts into the machine.

The idea behind a Cobot robot is that they work in collaboration with the operator, they are designed to work with people and not replace them. They have a much smaller footprint than standard robots due to the fact that there is no need for fencing/guarding .

Unlike the traditional industrial robots they are fitted with sensors that detect objects that are in their field of view .They are also have other safety aspects that are built in to the cobot to stop if an operator gets in the way.

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The Results

The solution was installed as full turnkey project encompassing both mechanical and controls integration.

This was a flagship project as it was the first time that a cobot robot had been implemented worldwide for this customer .


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