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  • Automotive
  • 17th April 2024

The Brief

V Installations Mechanical Handling were contracted in 2013 to provide a full turnkey solution for Just in Time (JIT) delivery conveyor systems for the receipt and transportation of vehicle components from the receiving decks to the point of fit at line side.

The main scope of supply included:

  • A simultaneous engineering package to develop the overall concept of the facility design for the client. This enabled detailed cost development for budget preparation for funding approval for the client and the integration of the design into the overall factory facility layout scheme.
  • Design and development of the master layouts and interface containment with other OEM suppliers’ equipment using the latest design technology. This included the receiving deck facilities and the transportation conveyors systems to line side.
  • Functional design specifications and process mapping as well as FMEA / DFMA analysis.
  • Interface of the client’s supply chain and key stakeholders.
  • Design of structural steelwork and utilisation of our state of the art control systems. V Installations were also to provide in-house manufacturing of all equipment, including conveyor systems, elevators/drop sections, side shuttle and rotary turntables as well as a support steelwork structure.
  • This was to be followed by installation and commissioning and finally documentation of the project itself.
  • The finished JIT delivery system was to consist of vehicle seat sets as well as delivery conveyor systems for instrument panel assemblies and painted bumper assemblies.

Our Approach

Each of the conveyor systems consists of a series of individual modular conveyor roller beds constructed using Itoh Denki energy efficient powered rollers – 24v controlled units. As each individual conveyor module has its own powered roller system, each bed runs independently to the others therefore when occupied with components the modules do not run and when not occupied the rollers will only run when the product is approaching the bed. Following this, they will time out automatically after the product has passed – thus the energy efficiency. Each of the powered rollers has an integral drive giving a compact system.

The 3 systems were delivered simultaneously and consisted of over 2.5km of conveyor modules supported on, over 7,000 sq./m – 400 tonnes of structural steelwork. A total of 19 drop sections and elevators were provided to enable products to be moved from high level down to factory floor and to negotiate through roof trusses to pass over other suppliers equipment. A total of 18 side transfers and 16 turntables were integrated into the system for product re-orientation and movement around building constraints.

The installation included the design, installation of fully integrated control systems and software development using the latest DCP technology and equipment from Rockwell and SEW. The system consisted of 16 main control panels, over 2000 limit switches and associated field wiring and containment and devices

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The Results

The project was delivered under tight and compressed time scales that were enforced by the client, who required tight timelines to be met. V Installations met this expectation and delivered the JIT delivery conveyor systems within the allocated time frame.

The installation programme was monitored daily with a high level of co-ordination and planning around other key client suppliers dictating phased installation programmes.

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