assembly point to point of fit on main line

  • Automotive
  • 14th June 2024

The Brief

A major automotive manufacturer was looking to automate the delivery of vehicle tailgates lineside. They required a solution to handle tail gates from the assembly point to the point of fit on the main car assembly line.

Our Approach

Our solution was to load the tail gate on to purpose designed platens and transport  them from the build area to the main assembly line by means of trollies towed  between the 2 positions.

The platen was designed, and purpose made to enable the door to be held securely  during transportation between the 2 area, while giving access for the handling device. To Achieve  this  for the different models, various top mounting positions were fitted together with a manual  locking handle to prevent the tailgate moving during transportation.

The design of the conveyor ensured there is a buffer of parts to enable the assembly line to continue to build in the event of a break down with 2 lanes by the main assembly conveyor , one for full platens and the second for the empties.

The trollies transporting the platens off load the full platens first then load up with empties to return to the build area.

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The Results

The solution was installed as full turnkey project encompassing both mechanical and controls integration of the conveyor system, platens and line side manipulator.


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