New engine test line for major engine manufacturer.

  • Manufacturing
  • 14th June 2024

The Brief

Internal relocations at major engine manufacturer, lead to the requirement of a new engine test line . The new system would be required to work round the constraints of the existing equipment.

As there were numerous positions and machines all requiring different orientations to perform the appropriate tasks, to get all the machines into the allocated area made the handling between them an intricate route while starting and finishing at the existing line positions.

Our Approach

The solution was for a 24V powered roller system that works on run on demand requirements. As soon as the one pallet  has moved forward then a signal is sent to the next pallet to move forward., this in turn  continues up stream systematically .

Because of the requirements of the different machines and the assembly needs it was necessary to use turn tables, with manual being used for the build stations and automatic on the transition points and corners.

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The Results

The solution was installed as full turnkey project encompassing both mechanical and controls integration.

The new system has led to reduced maintenance call outs and increased efficiency of the process line.


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