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  • Automotive
  • 15th July 2024

The Brief

A major manufacturer in the automotive sector needed to check the gaps with repeated accuracy along the final assembly of the body shell. They determined they would need to lift the body shell off the transportation skids as it was not economically viable to replace some 2000 no skids.

The requirement was to lift the car off the skid for approximately 65m, which equates to 11 operation stations.

Our Approach

As a result the solution used is a world first. Firstly we proposed to install a pair of modular belt conveyors either side of the existing twin chain conveyor using 152mm wide plate link style belting. The modular belt strands raise up on the tail end to gradually lift the body clear of the skid, each conveyor having its own drive synchronised together.

Most importantly, the belt conveyor travels at the same speed as the twin chain so that on the last station the belts gradually drop away lowering the car back onto the skid.

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The Results

As result, the in-house manufacture and installation by V Installations resulted in a twin strand modular belt conveyor level in ‘z’ to 0.25mm whilst maintaining a level of 0.5mm along the 65mtr run.

The installed solution has enabled the manufacturer to reduce the gap and flush tolerances to the absolute minimum, without adding additional process time to the line.


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